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Fort Worth and Dallas Regional Chambers Announce DFW Region’s Unified Response to Amazon’s HQ2 Request for Proposal Untitled Article

Posted on: 10/19/2017   |   Category: Press Releases

The DFW Region has submitted a unified response to Amazon’s request for proposal (RFP) for the location of its second headquarters. The submittal fulfills Amazon’s request for a single response from a large Metropolitan Statistical Area such as the Dallas Fort Worth region.

The cities in DFW and the State of Texas were diligent, thoughtful and comprehensive in responding to the specific questions outlined in the Amazon RFP. In collaboration with our regional mayors and economic development partners, the Dallas Regional Chamber and the Fort Worth Chamber worked closely throughout the process to collect, organize and deliver the regional-level data and information that was requested by Amazon.

“It’s always great to pursue opportunities like this with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, and the professionals that conduct economic development for our regional cities,” said Mike Rosa, senior vice president of economic development at the Dallas Regional Chamber. “Working together, we’ve had a lot of success bringing new jobs, companies and investment here.  I’m confident we’ve shared with Amazon all the things that have made this region a great place for corporate headquarters location.”

“This was an historic opportunity for all DFW-area communities to work together, leverage all of our assets and showcase our region,” said Brandom Gengelbach, executive vice president of economic development for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. “For multiple cities to collaborate for such a prize is quite a feat, and we are confident we can build on relationships and use all the regional information that was compiled to give us an advantage in future projects.”

The cities of DFW put forth many sites that meet or exceed Amazon’s requirements, all of which were included in the DFW Region’s submittal. The submittal also includes a secure and custom built map-based website, for Amazon only, that contains both the regional response and individual city responses. The submittal is designed so that Amazon can review both regional and city-specific answers to the criteria requirements outlined in the RFP. In addition, a regional marketing video was created, which can be viewed here.



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