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Super-Hub Keeps People, Goods Moving

A major rail center for more than 100 years, Fort Worth now serves as a home base for one of the nation’s largest railroads, BNSF Railway.  BNSF’s  $100-million, the state-of-the-art intermodal hub at Fort Worth Alliance Airport is the fifth-largest in the railroad’s system.  An average of 20 trains a day move in and out, loading and unloading some 600 trailers or containers.

Union Pacific is Texas’ biggest railroad, serving all of its major cities and its gulf ports.  Union Pacific’s Centennial Rail Yard, located in Fort Worth, is one of the railroad’s largest freight classification facilities.  Also located in Fort Worth is Tower 55, the busiest railroad intersection in the United States, where several railroads share crossing with Union Pacific. 

Fort Worth & Western Railroad is a homegrown short line railroad that began in 1988, with the purchase of 6.25 miles of track through west Fort Worth. Push forward almost three decades later, and FWWR now runs over 276 miles of local track all the way from Carrollton to Brownwood, Texas. The FWWR interchanges with three class 1 railroads in Fort Worth and Brownwood. Through a “bridge connection”, the FWWR also interchanges with another short line railroad(TXPF) at San Angelo Junction which opens the gateway to Mexico.

The Trinity Railway Express (TRE) commuter rail service is a cooperative service provided by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (the T) and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).  Linking downtown Fort Worth, downtown Dallas and DFW International Airport, the TRE currently serves an average of 180,000 riders per month.  Approximately 2.5 million riders take advantage of the TRE’s direct link service.  TRE provides stations in Richland Hills, CentrePort at DFW Airport, Hurst (near the Bell Helicopter plant), Irving (two stations), a Medical/ Market Station in Dallas and a Union Station stop in Downtown Dallas. 

Two locations in downtown Fort Worth provide passenger service including the Intermodal Transportation Center accommodating the T, and Amtrak Passenger Service.  The TRE originates from Downtown Fort Worth at the historic Texas & Pacific Station. TRE provides dependable, convenient and affordable service Monday through Saturday, easing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.