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Where Success and Access Intersect

Fort Worth connects to national and international markets through four major interstate highways – I-20, I-30, I-35, and I-45 – all of which have either recently been upgraded or are in the process of being expanded.  The City is encircled by Loop 820 to provide easier navigation for residents and visitors.

Fort Worth roadways provide international access for relocating companies to all major Texas markets, the U.S. market, Canada, and Mexico.  It also offers one-day, round-trip shipments to cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Oklahoma. Some of the future highlights of the roadways include:

  • Interstate Highway 30 is projected long-term to include expansion from three lanes each direction to five lanes both ways.  Additional long-term projections include a reversible high-occupancy vehicle lane in the median from west of Fielder to State Highway 161.  The HOV lane would allow morning eastbound travel towards Dallas and reverse to all afternoon westbound travel to Fort Worth.
  • Interstate Highway 35 West will expand to four lanes in both directions between Interstate Highway 820 and Fourth Street in Tarrant County. In addition, a reversible HOV lane may be added flowing southbound to downtown Fort Worth in the morning and northbound in the afternoon. I-35 is recognized as the “real” North America Free Trade highway since it is a major thoroughfare connecting the United States to both Canada and Mexico.

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